This is a brand overview of student start-up I am organize for the Design Club at Farmingdale State College and the Long Island American Diabetes Association's, Step Out Walk event in 2016. I got really excited about the idea of creative designers, volunteering their skills and talents to benefit a great cause. I currently just pitch my idea to my contact for the event and I am confident that we will be able to do great things in the future. A few students and I are currently signing volunteer's in the next up coming months before this event. My goal is to help get other creatives involved this event to give back to the association and add to add experience to their resume. I hope you enjoy this project. I will keep adding things to this project as more news comes along. Hopefully we can make this happen and turn it into a reoccurring thing. This series includes a logo sketch, finalized logo, t-shirt front and back design with sponsor showcase, and lanyard name tags, app (application) sign-up for iPhone and iPad, company letter head, business card front and back, cd, flash drive and envelope designs.