1. By contacting Deirdra Kearns
2. By Signing up for Paint Nite
3. Through PayPal Hosted by Smithtown/Branch Brook Children's Foundation.

Please Note: In order for your donation to be applied to the Pay It Forward Scholarship, you must add special instruction to the seller stating that this donation is "for the Pay It Forward scholarship," or it will not be applied to our scholarship.

100% of every in person or PayPal donation goes directly to the Pay It Forward Scholarship fund. For PayPal when you add special instructions to the seller; stating that this is for, "Pay It Forward Scholarship" the donation will be allocated directly to us. Donations through The Smithtown/Branch Brook Children's Foundation PayPal account are tax deductible. We deeply appreciate your support!




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Through extensive research, surveying and in-depth interviews with 50 selected, and randomly selected, members of the Long Island Community research was conducted, tested and collected. Information gathered was based off of obvious conclusions, then verified needs, wants, and observed values of the community. There was an overwhelmingly positive correlation and response from community members who believed in higher education, these donor were from older and middle aged, and those who currently believe in and currently support multiple causes. Proving that fundraising for the right type of need can be raised and aligned with the beliefs of the surrounding area.

On Feb 9 2017, the Pay It Forward Scholarships trended on Facebook for span of 4 days. The number of people reached peaked at “1.4K visitors,” since setting up Paint Nite Event on Facebook and the sending and/or sharing of invites. The total amount of people reached was, “495% increase” from our first post about the Pay It Forward Scholarship on, “Personal Facebook Page of Deirdra Kearns.” In February 2017, we trended two other times. We hit over “600 people reached,” through Facebook as a reminder on post on our Facebook event to signup page. As of Feb 19 2017, total of, “41 people” are either confirmed, “going or interested in going." This information collected from Facebook Analytics confirms we directly reached the desired target audience assumed in research and proven in both our interviews and collected extensive analytic information on Facebook and off our website.


Research Questions A: What type of donor is most likely to contribute to and support charities?

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Research Question B: At what age range is a donor more likely to contribute to this cause? 


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Research Question C: What type of donor is most likely to contribute to and support charities?